The Anglican Church of
Saint Andrew
A Community of Faith Since 1794
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Bible Study

Adult Bible Study for 2013-14

We meet - a class of seventeen on Thursday morning, cheerful, keen,
The candles lit, the coffee’s made, our leader starts with “let us pray”.
We pray, we read the word of God, we talk, discuss, reflect, applaud,
We laugh, we wander from the text- our leader’s not at all perplexedShe gently guides us back on track, to where we were a moment back,
She hands out printed paper sheets, for us to study for next week.
We pray again for family, friends, for all the needy – there is no end!
And now alas, it’s time to part, we leave refreshed and full at heart!

(Phyllis Hill)

Adult Bible Study will resume in the Fall on Thursday, September 12, 9:30am in the Church Library. We
will be following the “Seasons of the Spirit” Study Guide again this year and welcome all who would like
to explore how God is leading us in our day to day lives. We are a very informal group and enjoy open
discussion led by the Leader, Patti Reid over coffee from 9:30 to 11:00am. For any further information
regarding the Adult Bible Study please contact Patti Reid 435-9836.