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Pre- Authorized Remittance
WHAT IS PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)?

If you have automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay for insurance, taxes, fuel or mortgage, then you understand the PAR principles. It means regular automatic contributions throughout the year.

Using the Diocesan PAR program is a convenient way to take care of your regular commitments to your Church community month by month. Your bank account or major credit card will be debited on either the 1st. or 15th. of each month. There is a small administrative fee, (charged to the congregation,) for each item processed.


Peace of mind for your Church Community;
 Regular support of your church community in the amount that you choose.
 Continual support of your church community when you are away.
 Avoidance of nasty “catch-up” periods.
 Can reduce the number of transactions through your bank account and associated service fees.
Peace of mind for your community;
 Through the mission and outreach of your church community.
Peace of mind for your Church Administration;
 Cash flow improves so that expenses can be dealt with on a more timely basis.
 Reduction of paperwork and bookkeeping.


1. Decide the amount of your monthly offering. (If you usually give a certain amount weekly, remember there are 4.4, not 4, weeks in a month.)
2. Complete a PAR Authorization Card and attach a “Void” cheque or your Credit Card number, sign and date. (The Authorization Card can be picked up from the table in the Church, or ask the Church Office and/or the Church Treasurer.)
3. Drop in the offering plate, give to your Church Treasurer/ Envelope Secretary or Office Administrator.

“The pre-authorized remittance program helps me to give consistently...proportionately...intentionally. It helps me to say thank you to God”