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Graphical Protest.

First displayed on December 3, 1997 -- U.N. Day of the Disabled.

Redesigned October 11, 2000.

To show Netscape and Internet Explorer users what the blind (who use text browsers and screen-reading software that speaks the text through a speech synthesizer) and other graphically impaired lynx users have to cope with when viewing pages "enhanced" for Netscape or Internet explorer, I have "dehanced" this page for graphical browsers for this one day. (I may do it again if the point seems to be made.) What you see is what text-browser users have to put up with at poorly-designed web sites. If you feel you must see my regular page, it is at http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~af380/regular.Profile.html for this one day only. (Lynx users will see no change and may wonder what the fuss is about. What I have done for the day is to replace the text on the page with images and used the original text as ALT text. To see what this looks like with a graphical browser, you can have a look at a simulation of this where I have replaced the ALT text with a text representation of the images.)

Last site update: December 11, 2000.

Special Announcement for Disabled

A Possible Exemption for Greyhound Threatened Accessability
but people rallied in protest against it.
Read about the results in
Over-The-Road Bus Victory:  Boarding Everyone.
(Note:  I found out that, due to a stupid error on my part,
the file access permissions for this file were misset.
If you got an error trying to access this in the past, try again.)


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Allright Then, Just One Picture If You Insist!

Pardon my artistic ineptitude... but you get the idea anyway:

                        A  DYSLEXIC  VULCAN:

                               / \ / \
                               |  |  |
                       /\      |  |  |     _
                       \  \    |  |  |    / |
                         \  \  |  |  |  /  /
                           \  \|  |  |/  /
         "LIVE  LONG         \         /     __
         AND  PROSPER"       |         |    /  \
                             |      ___|___/  /
                             |     /         /
                             |              /
                             |         ___/
                              \       /

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A Final Parting Thought:

Terri R. Stonecipher had these in her signature block.  She was  gracious enough to give me permission to quote them here:

"The best friend of the deaf is not the fellow who gives them advice and assistance.  It is the man who asks them for it."
--  George Propp in 'The Nebraska Journal.'

"There are people who think deafness is a handicap purely because they are under the illusion that they are saying something worth hearing."
-- unknown.

"The problem is not that the [deaf] students do not hear.  The problem is that the hearing world does not listen."
-- Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, 1988 (at Gallaudet)

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Popularity Figures.

... or How Many People Stumbled Onto My Web Page by Accident?

Allright, everybody and his dog seems to have an access counter on his web site these days, even though some people don't like them.  (See item number 8  in " Top TEN Homepage Pet Peeves" in the Chebucto Newsletter) So why should I be different?
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